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Total Playable Content 25:01
Songs: 8. Video Clips:. Audio Clips: . Photos:5 . Documents:2 . Press: . Memorabilia: 1

BD Live Timeline Content (More / Timeline)

Pin LocationIssueContentFile SizeRelease Date
1965 MarPost Informer Volume 1 #1, June 2, 2009Audio Track: "I Wonder", The Squires, Basement, 1965 (2:12), previously unreleased track. Band photo. 73Mb3-Jul-09
1968 DecPost Informer Volume 1 #2, July 24, 2009Audio Track: "Here We Are In The Years" mix by Neil Young (3:50), previously unreleased track.161Mb28-Jul-09
1970 MarPost Informer Volume 1 #2, July 24, 2009Audio Track: "Cinnamon Girl" NY+CH, Live, Fillmore East (3:29), previously unreleased track. Band Photo. 163Mb15-Sep-09
1967 AprPost Informer Volume 1 #2, July 24, 2009Audio Track: "Mr. Soul" Buffalo Springfield, Live, Hollywood Bowl (4:34), previously unreleased track. Set list, poster and band photo. 122Mb5-Oct-09
1967 AugPost Informer Volume 1 #2, July 24, 2009Audio Track: "The Rent Is Always Due" Gold Star Solo Demo, previously released on The Buffalo Springfield Box Set (3:03), Solo Photo. 111Mb2-Nov-09
1971 AprPost Informer Volume 1 #2, July 24, 2009Audio Offer: "Shakey Fanfare" info, sheet music and downloadable ringtone. 9.5Mb11-Nov-09
1966 FebPost Informer Volume 1 #3, Jan 21, 2010Audio Tracks: "It's My Time" (2:12), "Go On And Cry" (3:06), The Mynah Birds, previously released on "Motown, The Complete Singles, Vol6", Studio Photo 89.5Mb26-Feb-10
1965 OctPost Informer Volume 1 #3, Jan 21, 2010Audio Track: "I Ain't Got The Blues" (2:35), Neil Young Solo demo for Elektra Records, previously unreleased track. 92Mb29-Mar-10
1964 MarPost Informer Volume 1 #3, Jan 21, 2010Additional Perspective: Finding and restoring of the "Mustang" tape. 98.7Mb28-Apr-10

Important Information
You need a "Profile2.0" Blu-Ray player connected to the internet to access these downloads. BD-Live is an enhanced feature of the Timeline on the "file cabinet disks" in the Blu-Ray set. The Performance Series Disks in Vol 1 do not have this capability.

If a download is available, you will know it when you start up one of the "file cabinet disks". Soon after you see the "loading animation", a graphic of a file cabinet with a sticky note will appear. It will tell you that new materials are available and ask you if you want to download them. Once the material is downloaded, you can navigate to the timeline. You will go straight to the part of the timeline relevant to the particular disk and may have to scroll up or down the timeline to find your download, represented as a blue pin.

If you choose not to download the materials at this time you can do so at any time from the timeline. A yellow pin will mark the location of undownloaded but available material on the timeline. Simply press the pop-up menu button on your remote control (from the timeline) and you will get the option to download new materials or to manage your existing downloads.

If your player is getting full of BD-Live downloads and you wish to delete any of them you may do so with the "Download Manager" function. This is accessed by pressing the pop-up menu button on your remote control from the timeline. Here, you can see all of the downloads you have, their date, file size and have the option to delete any or all of them.

Once the content is downloaded into your player, you still need to maintain access to the internet for the pins to appear in the timeline.

As your timeline fills up with a decent amount of downloads, I do not recommend downloading further items from the introductory "sticky note". If you do, it will be a bit more combersome to locate your new media amidst all the blue pins you have. Instead, go to the timeline and find the yellow pins. These are markers for items which have not yet been downloaded. You can download items from there selectively.

Fun Facts
The first download was a standalone alternate version of The Squire's "I Wonder", made available on 29-April, prior to the Set's official release date to co-incide with the "Demo Disks" shipped early. The original "I Wonder" download was then removed and replaced by the first issue of the Post Informer which now has the track embedded in it.

Yes, we have even received a download of a song which is already on the Archives! It came with a "Post Informer" telling a bit more of the story. I wonder how many of these we will get in the future!

According to press, Live Solo Performances at the Cellar Door are amongst those tracks rumored to be in the queue for the BD-Live feature on the Archives. The delivery method is described as "progressive downloads" whereby songs would be delivered one at a time over the course of several weeks to build a mini-set. Drool!

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