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Total Playable Content 60:20
Songs: 17. Video Clips:2. Audio Clips: 6. Photos: 45. Documents: 38. Press: 19. Memorabilia: 12

File Cabinet Details (Song Selection)
FileDescriptionAudio LogVideo LogHidden StuffPhotosDocumentsPressMemorabilia
Early Yearsgallery   25   
Aurora1963 rare 45, The Squires, V Records   25
video Aurora Lyrics being opened (1:07)
The Sultan1963 rare 45, The Squires, V Records   17
video Sultan Lyrics being opened (1:14)
The Sultan b/w Aurora45 info       
I Wonder1963 Unreleased song, The Squires    32 
Mustang1964 Unreleased Song, The Squires   1121
I'll Love You Forever1964 Unreleased Song, The SquiresA bad case of nerves (Ray Dee) (1:23)
So Sophisticated for the Time (Ray Dee) (2:22)
 Feather Clip: (hidden track) I Wonder (2)253 
I'm a Man and I Can't Cry1965 Unreleased Song, The SquiresThat Was Recorded In A Basement (Ray Dee) (0:31)  135 4
Hello Lonely Woman1965, Unreleased Song, w/Comrie Smith   2   
Casting Me Away From You1965, Unreleased Song, w/Comrie Smith   1  1
There Goes My Babe1965, Unreleased Version, w/Comrie Smith     1 
Sugar Mountain1965 Unreleased Version, Elektra Records Demo       
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing1965 Unreleased Version, Elektra Records Demo  feather clip: (hidden track) Nowaday's Clancy Can't Even Sing (2)  22 
Runaround Babe1965 Unreleased Song, Elektra Records Demo       
The Ballad of Peggy Grover 1965 Unreleased Song, Elektra Records Demo    4  
The Rent is Always Due 1965 Unreleased Version, Elektra Records Demo    1  
Extra, Extra1965 Unreleased Song, Elektra Records Demo    1  

Hidden Track Details
FileDescriptionAudio LogVideo LogHidden StuffPhotosDocumentsPressMemorabilia
I Wonder (2)1964 Unreleased song, The SquiresWe were going by Guess and By Golly (Ray Dee) (3:16)
That Was Going to be our B-Side (Ray Dee) (0:38)
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing (2)1966, From the ATCO album, Buffalo SpringfieldWho Was Clancy? interview NY (1:35)   452

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Easter Eggs

Fun Facts
"The Ballad of Peggy Grover" is edited. Only 3 of 5 verses recorded are here. Also, the intro to "I Ain't Got The Blues" is what you hear after the song ends on the BD version.
The Melody of "Casting Me Away From You" was later recycled as "The Emperor of Wyoming".
The first line of "The Rent is Always Due" sounds quite a bit like the first line of "I Am A Child", doesn't it?

There are several tracks from this era which were held back. In fact, there were a few more of Neil's tunes recorded during the Comrie Smith attic session: "My Room is Dark 'Cepting for the light of my Cigarette", "Don't Tell My Friends" and "Betty Ann", all Neil's authorship. These aren't even listed in the back of the Archives Journal. The list is apparently a photocopy of selections from Tapes Database meant to reflect the "picks", or things which could have been included on the Archives. So these tracks with Comrie must not be regarded very highly. Still, the faithful are left salivating... From the Elektra Demos sessions "I Ain't Got The Blues" was omitted (later added as a BD-Live). And of course the Mynah Byrds Tracks "It's My Time"(later added as a BD-Live) and "I'll Wait Forever". The latter two were considered for inclusion but it was decided that there was so little of Neil in them (other than his co-authorship) that they were left off. Also, there may have been liscensing issues at the time the disks went to press.

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