Main Program 38:28
Total Playable Content 85:51
Songs: 17. Video Clips:3. Audio Clips: 8. Photos: 59. Documents: 14. Press: 12. Memorabilia: 23

File Cabinet Details (Song Selection)
FileDescriptionAudio LogVideo LogHidden StuffPhotosDocumentsPressMemorabilia
Flying on the Ground is Wrong1966, Previously released on "Buffalo Springfield (Box Set)", RhinoThe Melody Came From Blue Bayou, NY radio (0:42) Feather Clip: (hidden track) Flying On The Ground (2) 3  3
Burned1966, Previously released on "Buffalo Springfield", ATCO   51 1
Out of My Mind1966, Previously released on "Buffalo Springfield", ATCO   53  
Down Down Down1966, Previously released on "Buffalo Springfield (Box Set)", Rhino   51  
Kahuna Sunset1966, Previously released on "Buffalo Springfield (Box Set)", Rhino   6
Video: Republic Raceway (0:17)
Mr. Soul1967, Upgraded source for Version previously released on, "Buffalo Springfield (Box Set)", RhinoMr. Soul vs Satisfaction, NY Interview (1:12)Hollywood Palace, Mr. Soul (3:09) 5 32
Buffalo SpringfieldLP info   pushpin to second edition    
Sell Out1967, Unreleased Song, The Buffalo Springfield   1  1
Down To The Wire1967, Previously released on "Decade", Reprise   62 1
Expecting To Fly1967, Previously released on "Buffalo Springfield Again", ATCOAudio: The Ending Was Supposed to be the Beginning (2:57)
Audio: Expecting to Fly Explained (0:55)
Slowly Burning1967, Unreleased Song, Neil Young, co-produced w/ Jack Nitzsche    2  
One More Sign1967, Previously released on "Buffalo Springfield (Box Set)", Rhino   2122
Broken Arrow1967, Previously released on "Buffalo Springfield Again", ATCOBroken Arrow Explained (2:50)  101  
Buffalo Springfield AgainLP info       
I Am A Child1968, Previously released on "Last Time Around", The Buffalo Springfield, ATCOI didn’t have much to do with this record (3:03)  3 1 

Hidden Track Details
FileDescriptionAudio LogVideo LogHidden StuffPhotosDocumentsPressMemorabilia
Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (2) 1966, Previously released on "Buffalo Springfield", ATCOIt’s About Dope (Rap) (3:37)
I Didn’t Sing Very Much (1:04)
The Producers and The Band (4:42) 2  2
Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It?1966, Previously released on "Buffalo Springfield", ATCO   2  1
For What It's Worth1966 (Stephen Stills), Previously released on "Buffalo Springfield", ATCO    114
This Is It!1968, Previously Unreleased Montage   3 32

Timeline Content (More / Timeline)
Pushpin LocationContent
Aug 1966Hidden Track: Do I Have to Come Right out and Say It?
Dec 1966Hidden Track: For what It's Worth
May 1968Hidden Track: This Is It!

Easter Eggs

Fun Facts
This It It! is a 14:29 min montage of exerpts from the Buffalo Springfield's final show at Long Beach. It consists of parts of "Rock N Roll Woman", "A Child's Claim to Fame" and the ending of "Bluebird". As with most of the soundboard recordings in circulation, the vocals are saturated.
Sell Out is edited to remove the chorus of "la la la la la la". Apparently Neil was embarrassed by this. Another difference between this and the alternate version in circulation is the instrumentation. The Archives track has drums, whereas the "Missing Herd" version has Piano.

Oddly, this disk is known to omit many relevant recorded versions of Neil's songs. Many can be found on the Buffalo Springfield Box set including "I'm Your Kind of Guy", "Falcon Lake", "Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?", "On The Way Home" and demo's of other songs. Additionally, there was a rumored version of "Expecting to Fly" with Neil humming the string parts and a demo of "Broken Arrow" which made the cut for neither the BS Box or the Archives.
"L.A." was a song known to have been written in the era and hoped for a release in Vol 1 but may actually not have been recorded after all. But most tantalizingly, an obscurity titled "High School Graduation", penned by Neil and recorded as a demo was left off.

"Slowly Burning" has finally been given to us and we can easily hear the core melody which eventually became "Long Walk Home", but the studio take of "Whiskey Boot Hill" from the same sessions remains in the vaults.

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