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Everybody Knows This is Nowhere1968, originally released as a 45rpm stereo single   Feather clip: Hidden Track - The Emperor of Wyoming   1
The Loner1968, originally released on "Neil Young"The Loner Rap (1:14)  2114
Birds1968, Unreleased VersionBirds Rap (1:44)   3  
What Did You Do To My Life?1968, unreleased alternate mixToo Much Overdubbing (1:03)  11  
Last Trip To Tulsa1968, originally released on "Neil Young"Last Trip To Tulsa Promo (0:53)   3 2
Here We Are In The Years1968, originally released on "Neil Young", second versionCompatible Stereo Removed from Album (3:13)    3  
I've Been Waiting For You1968, unreleased alternate mixI've Been Waiting For You Promo (0:50)   1 1
The Old Laughing Lady1968, originally released on "Neil Young"Old Laughing Lady Promo (1:02)  3121
I've Loved Her So Long1968, originally released on "Neil Young"   25  
Sugar Mountain1968, originally released as the b side of numerous 45rpm singles    12 
Nowaday's Clancy Can't Even Sing1968, originally released on "Sugar Mountain - Live at Canterbury House"     1 
Neil YoungLP Info  Pushpin to second edition    
Down By The River1969, originally released on "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere"DBTR on the Music Scene TV Show (2:27)
Bush Baby Rap (4:36)
Down By The River Rap (1:32)
  1 11
Cowgirl In The Sand1969, originally released on "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere"Cowgirl Rap (1:21)   1 1
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere1969, originally released on "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere"EKTIN Promo (0:54)     5

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FileDescriptionAudio LogVideo LogHidden StuffPhotosDocumentsPressMemorabilia
The Emperor of Wyoming1968, originally released on "Neil Young" Studio Control Room Tape (3:16)   212

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Morelight switchVideo: Jack and Danny, Audience Expectations (4:45)

Fun Facts
The original version of "Neil Young", released in 1968, was mastered with a process known as Haeco-CSG, intended to make a Stereo record compatible with Mono systems. Neil discusses this on the archives. Bottom line: It was a disaster, ruining the Stereo play in the eyes of NY. He insisted the record be re-done without Haeco-CSG. He saw this as an opportunity to re-mix four songs: "Here We Are In The Years", "I've Been Waiting For You", "What Did You Do To My Life?" and "If I Could Have Her Tonight". It is believed that the alternate mixes of "I've been Waiting For You" and "What Did You Do To My Life?" presented here are the original mixes prior to their being spoiled by the Haeco-CSG process. The original mix of "Here We Are In The Years" is lost, but Neil recently re-created it and issued it as a BD-Live.

The master of "Sugar Mountain" presented here was, strictly speaking, only first released on "Sugar Mountain - Live at Canterbury House" since prior releases of this take (Single b-sides and "Decade") were edited to remove the introduction.

"If I Could Have Her Tonight", released on Neil's first Solo LP, was omitted from this disk but it shows up in Acoustic form on the NYAPS00: Live at the Canterbury House CD, as a freebie in the stash box.

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