Main Program 56:52
Total Playable Content 81:12
Songs: 11. Video Clips:1. Audio Clips: 9. Photos:8 Documents:10 Press:5 Memorabilia:6

Emcee Intro. / Sugar Mountain Intro. (1:18)
"Sugar Mountain" (5:34)
Incredible Doctor Rap (3:10)
"The Old Laughing Lady" (5:14)
Audience Observation / Dope Song / Band Names Rap (2:59)
"Flying on the Ground is Wrong" (3:58)
On the Way Home Intro. (:25)
"On the Way Home" (2:40)
Set Break / Emcee Intro. (1:20)
"I've Loved Her So Long" (2:13)
Allen A-Dale Rap (2:20)
"I Am a Child" (2:27)
"1956 Bubblegum Disaster" (2:04)
"The Last Trip to Tulsa" (7:00)
Words Rap (2:14)
"Broken Arrow" (4:38)
Turn Down the Lights Rap (:53)
"Whiskey Boot Hill" (2:22)
Expecting to Fly Intro. (:54)
"Expecting to Fly" (2:55)

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9 Riverboat Raps (24:02)   81056 (Tape Box)

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Riverboat>Neil YoungVideo Clip: "Le Hibou" (0:18)

Easter Eggs

Fun Facts It is the only disk in the NYAPS as of now that is NOT also available a disk for standalone purchase in regular retailers, but it can be purchased individually from Neil's website.

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