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Total Playable Content 85:03
Songs: 14. Video Clips:5. Audio Clips: 7. Photos: 17. Documents: 13. Press: 1. Memorabilia: 13

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FileCatAudio LogVideo LogHidden StuffPhotosDocumentsPressMemorabilia
Cinnamon Girl1969, Released originally on "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere"Cinnamon Girl Promo (0:53)  11 1
Running Dry1969, Released originally on "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere"Running Dry Promo (0:51)     2
Round and Round1969, Released originally on "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere"Robin Lane (0:41)  3   
Oh Lonesome Me1969, Unreleased Mix w/Crazy HorseOh Lonesome Me Rap (1:39)  12 1
Birds1969, Originally released as a 45rpm single, w/Crazy Horse   11  
Everybody Knows This Is NowhereLP Info       
Everybody's Alone1969 Unreleased Song, w/Crazy HorseEverybody's Alone Rap (2:26)  21  
I Believe In You1969, Originally released on "After The Goldrush" w/Crazy Horse  Feather Clip - hidden song - I Believe In You (2) 1  
Sea Of Madness1969, Live at the Fillmore East, CSNY, Unreleased Mix/Edit Sea of Madness from Celebration at Big Sur (3:52)Feather Clip - hidden song - I've Loved Her So Long1  2
Dance Dance Dance1969, Unreleased Version w/Crazy HorseDance Dance Dance Rap (1:00)   1  
Country Girl1969, Originally Released on "Deja Vu", CSNYCountry Girl Rap (1:57)  64 2
Helpless1969, Unreleased Mix    3 1
It Might Have Been1970, Unreleased cover w/ Crazy Horse Live at Cincinnati Music Hall   4 11

Hidden Track Details
FileCatAudio LogVideo LogHidden StuffPhotosDocumentsPressMemorabilia
I Believe In You (2)1969, Unreleased Mix, w/CrazyHorse       
I've Loved Her So Long1969, Unreleased Version, Live w/CSNY at the Greek Theater   2  3

Timeline Content (More / Timeline)
Pushpin LocationContent
Aug 1969Film Clip: Mr. Soul w/ Stills at Woodstock (5:04)
Sep 1969Film Clip: Down By The River, CSNY, Music Scene (4:54)
Feb 1970Video: Crazy Horse Archives Review Session (4:05)

Easter Eggs
MoreBigsbyVideo:Archives Barn Interview: Muse, White Suit, Big Sur, Guitar Solos, Speedy and Harriet, Country Girl (6:22)

Fun Facts
Everybody's Alone lists all of Crazy Horse on Vocals....but where are they...??? There is a commonly circulated CSNY version of this song. Again, only Neil's scratch vocal. It would have been interesting to get that one as a hidden track to compare and contrast the two bands' styles. But it was not to be....

Sea of Madness is listed as being from the Woodstock Soundtrack. This is not true. This version here on the Archives is an unreleased version. It has an edit, removing the first bridge. But it is the same basic performance from which the Woodstock version was taken which, incidentally, wasn't recorded at Woodstock, but rather at the Fillmore East.
Songs hoped for inclusion were Crazy Horse Studio takes of "Wondering", "Winterlong", "Helpless", Danny Whitten's "Look At All The Things" and a rare single version of Cinnamon Girl with Danny and Neil singing the opposite vocal parts. This version might show up on a compilation which Neil has stated he is working on called "Early Daze". Also, oddly, the officially released "The Losing End" from "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere", is nowhere to be found in this set, making it clear that Neil does not wish to make his individual catalog redundant with the Archives set.

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