Main Program 57:04
Total Playable Content 125:53
Songs: 14. Video Clips:11. Audio Clips: 3. Photos: 29 Documents: 29. Press: 0. Memorabilia: 17

Intro Video: Wim VanDerLinden shooting Neil's Car driving to Hilltop. 1:05

File Cabinet Details (Song Selection)
FileCatAudio LogVideo LogHidden StuffPhotosDocumentsPressMemorabilia
Heart Of Gold1971, Live at Royce Hall, Previously Unreleased Version   2   
The Needle and The Damage Done1971, Live at Royce Hall, Previously released on "Harvest"Needle Rap (1:24)  25  
Bad Fog of Lonliness1971, Previously Unreleased Version w/ The Stray GatorsJohnny Cash Show Rap (0:57)   2  
Old Man1971, Previously Released on "Harvest"Old Man Rap (1:07)  32 2
Heart Of Gold1971, Previously Released on "Harvest" Wim VanDer Linden Interview (4:00) 13 4
Dance Dance Dance1971, Previously Unreleased Version w/ Graham Nash       
A Man Needs A Maid1971, Previously Unreleased Mix Barking Town Hall Session (11:26) 14  
Harvest1971, Previously Released on "Harvest"   35 3
Journey Through The Past1971, Previously Unreleased Version w/The Stray Gators   13  
Are You Ready For The Country?1971, Previously Released on "Harvest" In The Barn #1 (4:04) 41  
Alabama1971, Previously Released on "Harvest" In the Barn #2 (5:05) 51  
Words1971, Previously Released on "Journey Through The Past" Harvest Barn Interview, Neil behind the barn (12:57)  23  
Soldier1971, Previously Unreleased Mix   3   
HarvestLP Info Neil at the Printing Press (4:14)     
War Song1972, Previously Released 45rpm single w/Graham Nash   2  4
Journey Through The PastLP Info       

Hidden Track Details
FileCatAudio LogVideo LogHidden StuffPhotosDocumentsPressMemorabilia

Timeline Content (More / Timeline)
Pushpin LocationContent
Feb 1971Film: There's A World recording session (3:48)
Sep 1971Film: Gator Stomp recording session (1:37)

Easter Eggs
MoreMicrophoneVideo: Archives Meeting, Writing The Needle and the Damage Done (2:22)
MoreAmplifierFilm: Bootleg Store (14:43)

Fun Facts
This disk has the most playable content of any disk in the Archives Series thus far.
There is a second "Harvest Barn Interview" Not Included on this set. It features Producer Elliot Mazer in front of the barn describing the recording techniques. It is found on the Harvest DVD-A disk. A film clip of Crosby and Stills recording their vocals on Alabama was seen in a trailer for the Archives but it was left off the release. And keeping with the tradition of not making any of his studio albums in his Original Release Series redundant, the Harvest master of "Out On The Weekend" is not included here; though the song is referenced in one of the filmed interviews included on the disk.

"Neil Young live at the BBC" was hoped for inclusion by many fans and was considered for the set but was ultimately left off. The reason for this is unknown, but it's possible that either it didn't fit on a DVD's capacity or licencing fees were exhorbitant. We just don't know. As stated previously, "Out On The Weekend" didn't make the set. The song was captured live both on BBC as well as the Dutch documentary "Swinging Mit Neil Young" but in both cases title graphics run over parts of the song.

A studio take of "The Bridge" and "See The Sky About to Rain" would have been appropriate for inclusion on this disk, but likewise, didn't get representation.

"War Song" is located in the wrong place on the timeline. It should be in late 1972 versus 1971.

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