Available as a stand alone disk (CD or CD+DVD edition). There is no blu-ray edition of this release. At the request of Neil, the 2 disk edition was also included as a bonus disk in the stash box of the Archives Vol1.

Emcee Intro
On The Way Home
Songwriting Rap
Mr. Soul
Recording Rap
Expecting To Fly
The Last Trip To Tulsa
Bookstore Rap
The Loner
"I used to..." Rap
Winterlong (experpt) and Out Of My Mind (Intro)
Out of My Mind
If I Could Have Her Tonight
Classical Gas Rap
Sugar Mountain - Intro
Sugar Mountain
I've Been Waiting For You
Songs Rap
Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
Tuning Rap & The Old Laughing Lady - Intro
The Old Laughing Lady
Broken Arrow

There is NO accompanying performance video on the DVD, just the high res audio with a "screen saver" type background. But there is an "Extra", a trailer for Archives Volume 1.

Fun Facts
"Sugar Mountain" and "Nowadays Clancy" from this group of shows are also included on V1-d2 of the Archives. I surmise that it was not part of the original plan to represent these shows more fully.

A humerous track called "#1 Hit Record Rap" was released around the same time this CD was released as a sort of bonus hidden track which actually needed to be downloaded.

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