Available as a stand alone disk (CD only). There is no DVD or BD edition of this release.

1. Dreamin' Man (1992-01-24, Portland)
2. Such A Woman (1992-05-20, Detroit)
3. One Of These Days (1992-09-21, Los Angeles)
4. Harvest Moon (1992-09-21, Los Angeles)
5. You And Me (1992-09-21, Los Angeles)
6. From Hank To Hendrix (1992-09-22, Los Angeles)
7. Unknown Legend (1992-09-22, Los Angeles)
8. Old King (1992-09-22, Los Angeles)
9. Natural Beauty (1992-11-19, Chicago)
10. War Of Man (1992-11-22, Minneapolis)

Fun Facts
This release showcases songs from Neil's "Harvest Moon" CD as performed live on tour prior to it's release.

Dates listed above are courtesy Sugar Mountain

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