The Missing Herd

The Missing Herd requires 2 74 minute CDRs to be burned DAO.

When Buffalo Springfield Box Set came out there was much ado about what was left off.....

"The Missing Herd" was compiled and released as a companion piece to the Buffalo Springfield Box Set, filling in for the set's shortcomings, notibly the lack of live cuts as well as the 9 min Bluebird, etc. Disk 1, also known as "Livestock", consists of some of the better sounding live Springfield in circulation, cleaned up sonically.
Disk 2 primarily consists of the unreleased studio tracks which did not make the Box Set. The Monterey Pop set is included on this disk as well as an odd rehersal involving the 5 original members in Still's Basement in 1986. Again, considerable "restoring" was performed on the tracks.

These 2 disks effectively present most of the tracks available on bootleg in superior form and in one place. Another goal was to create a set which would sway fans away from these bootlegs and would allow one easy trade to provide "all the BS fit to print". Everything, including the "Dallas" show, encluded here in it's entirety, sounds better.

The original artwork is hosted at Bootleg Zone (1) and Bootleg Zone (2). Be sure to download the full size images.

When the artwork is assembled in a Jewel Box, and stored with the spine showing, The Missing Herd becomes disks 5 and 6 of the Box Set!

Tracklisting and info:

Disk 1 "Livestock" Disk 2
Intro 5/5/68 0:00:41 Nowaday's Clancy Can't Even Sing Demo 0:03:00
Go and Say Goodbye 7/12/67 0:02:40 Do I Have To Come Right Out and Say It Alt take 0:03:08
Mr. Soul 7/12/67 0:06:27 Raga 1 Unreleased 0:01:29
Bluebird 7/12/67 0:09:18 Mr. Soul Alt. Single 0:02:40
Pay the Price 7/11/67 0:05:32 My Kind Of Love Alt Take 0:02:33
Nobody's Fool 7/11/67 0:04:11 For What It's Worth (TV) 2/17/67 0:02:58
My Kind Of Love 7/11/67 0:04:21 Down To The Wire Alt Take, mono 0:02:33
Good Time Boy 5/5/68 0:03:32 Bluebird Extended Ver. 0:09:11
For What It's Worth5/5/68 0:03:30 SelloutDemo 0:02:36
Rock N Roll Woman 4/20/68 0:04:13 For What It's Worth 6/17/67 0:02:57
A Child's Claim to Fame 4/20/68 0:02:36 Nowaday's Clancy Can't Even Sing 6/17/67 0:04:50
Nowaday's Clancy Can't Even Sing 4/20/68 0:03:33 Rock N Roll Woman 6/17/67 0:04:06
Uno Mundo 4/20/68 0:02:32 Bluebird 6/17/67 0:04:24
For What It's Worth4/20/68 0:03:30 A Child's Claim to Fame 6/17/67 0:02:00
Bluebird 4/20/68 0:12:13 Merry Go Round single 0:02:07
On The Way Home 12/21-23/67 0:02:14 Uno Mundo Promo 0:02:06
49 Reasons Demo 0:02:32
Road of Plenty Rehearsal 0:03:29
Uncondition Blues Rehearsal 0:04:22
Bluebird Ext, Alt Mix 0:09:30
Total Running Time 1:12:20 Total Running Time 1:11:14

5/5/68 is Long Beach, CA
8/11,12/67 is Teen and Twenty Club, Huntington Beach, CA
4/20/68 is Market Hall, Dallas, Texas
12/67 is Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, CA
2/17/67 is Smothers Brother's TV show
6/17/67 is Monterey Pop, Monterey Fairgrounds, CA
1986 Rehearsal in Still's Basement

Production and Restoration

The Missing Herd took 6 months to compile and was a collaboration amongst many, who contributed source material and production advice. Every effort was made not to compromise the frequency spectrum of the source material. In many instances compromised material was compared, spectrum-wise, to officially released music of the era (Buffalo Springfield of course). An attempt was made to "match" the spectra to get the equalization correct. Additionally, use of "noise reduction" filters was kept to a minimum. Source material was ripped to wav using EAC. Clean up performed with "Cool Edit 2000". Live Track partitioning performed with "CD Wave Editor".

Some tracks left off The Missing Herd:

1)"Raga3" and "Rock N Roll woman", purportedly from Hullabaloo whose damaged soundboard recordings can be found on "Trail of the Buffalo".

2) The remainder of the Huntington Beach tracks, part of which circulate under the abysmal "Whittier High" moniker.

3) The remainder of the Long Beach and Fillmore Auditorium shows, which I consider to be unrecoverably poor in sound quality but contain some inspired performances including a 20+ min Bluebird.

4) Anything in current official release (Decade, Last Time Around tracks).

5) Live Material from "Journey Through The Past" which I feel really doesn't add anything.

How do I get a copy?

This compilation with new and slightly erroneous artwork is currently torrenting at the Trader's Den This compilation is also publically traded on the Rust - Neil Young Online community. While this collection has been bootlegged and sold in its entirety since it's inception in 2001, please avoid purchase. It is NOT for sale nor should it be sold. Also avoid the ripoff boot entitled "Sellout". Trading music is a "grey" area. Just don't paint it black. For more information on Rust and Neil Young, visit: Hyper Rust.
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